Victor Kruglov raised to 800,000 from under the gun, and Gene O’Leary shoved all in for 2.6 million total. It folded back to Kruglov, who would have to put most of his chips at risk to make the call. After a minute or so in the tank, he does just that, only to see O’Leary woke up with a monster.

O’Leary: [As][Ac]
Kruglov: [Qc][Jc]

Kruglov gets life after the flop comes [Kd][4s][9h] to give him a gutshot striaght draw, and the [Qs] on the turn gives him more outs. The [Js] comes on the river, sending the table into a frenzy. Kruglov scoops what is nearly a full double up, while a disappointed O’Leary hits the payout desk.