2nd Annual $100,000 EZ Baccarat Tournament

Every Sunday from December 9th to December 30th

Registration for Qualified Players is open from 3:00 pm to 5:45 pm. Qualify by getting 8 Panda and/or Dragon bets during the week of tournament. Qualified Players will pay $0 Buy-in & $10 Dealer Appreciation or Players may buy in directly for $500 Buy-in & $50 Entry Fee starting at 5:30 pm. Open to the first 84 players each Sunday.

  1. Players may qualify by getting 8 Panda and/or Dragon Promotional Scans per qualifying week from live EZ Baccarat play.
  2. Promotional Scans will be given to players who win on a $5 Panda and/or Dragon wager during live EZ Baccarat play.
  3. Players who register will receive a randomly selected qualifying heat, table, and seat number.
  4. Management may have to re-assign tables/seats to players as deemed necessary.
  5. At the start of each round, each player will receive 5,000 in tournament chips.
  6. Only one hand per player can be played at a time.
  7. Each round will consist of fourteen (14) hands.
  8. Players must be at their assigned table five minutes prior to the start of their round/heat of play.
  9. A player must place a bet and act on his/her hand in a reasonable amount of time.  Once a player places his/her bet, IT CANNOT BE CHANGED.
  10. Players who do not place a bet within a reasonable amount of time will have the minimum bet placed for them.
  11. Weekly tournaments will consist of two (2) rounds (Round 1 will include 3 heats, and Round 2 will be the final/money round).  At the conclusion of play in the qualifying heats, the top two chip leaders from each heat will advance to the final round.  Everyone in the final round will be in the money.
  12. A minimum bet of at least 100 will be required of each player.  There will be no maximum bet.
  13. No Panda/Dragon bets will be allowed.
  14. A rotating deal/bet order will be established by the dealer, designated by a dealer button, moving clockwise from the left of the dealer button, around the table after each hand throughout each round.
  15. The cards will be dealt following the rotating order, starting from the left of the dealer button, including the hit cards.
  16. Players must keep their chips in full view at all times.
  17. At the end of the thirteenth (13th) hand, an unofficial countdown of each player’s remaining chips will take place by the floor staff/dealer.  After the totals have been tallied and announced, one last hand will be dealt ending that round, at which time an official count will take place to determine the winners.
  18. During the fourteenth (14th) and final hand, players will place secret bets (bets will be written down and placed on the table and remain secret until all bets have been placed prior to the deal; at that time, all bets will be revealed, and the game will resume).
  19. In the case of a tie at the end of any round one heats, one (1) additional hand will be played following the secret bet format, until a winner(s) has been determined.
  20. In the case of a tie at the end of the Final Round, prize money will be split evenly between the players.
  21. Collusion among players is prohibited and may result in immediate disqualification and forfeiture of funds.
  22. Spectators who interfere with the tournament or provide assistance to players will be subject to eviction from the tournament area.
  23. Decisions will be made with the fairness of the game in mind.  All decisions by management are final.


Schedule of Play
Round 1: Heat 1 begins at 6:00 pm
Round 1: Heat 2 begins at 7:00 pm
Round 1: Heat 3 begins at 8:00 pm
Round 2 begins at 9:00 pm
Weekly drawing* (eligible to all tournament players) held at the end of Round 2

Weekly Bonus
Player with the most promotional scans will receive $1,000* in promotional chips.
*Promo chips will be issued in $25 increments, and are subject to a $1 collection fee per chip.
*Drawing winner will receive $1,000 in promo chips.

GEGA #002688 HUSTLER Casino reserves the right to change or cancel this promotion at anytime at its sole discretion. Must be 21 to visit casino. No purchase necessary. See floor person for complete details and rules. Players are responsible for bonuses and jackpots. To receive bonuses or jackpot winnings winners must provide current, valid identification. Play responsibly. Gambling Problem? Call 1-800-GAMBLER.

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